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Wings to Soar Online Academy for special needs students

Wings to Soar Online Academy

Wings to Soar Online

Many parents choose to homeschool because their child has special needs that are not adequately being met in a traditional school setting. Homeschooling special needs children can be the best setting for the student.  This can depend on whether other needed support services such as occupational therapy or speech and language therapy are able to be provided.  Wings to Soar Online Academy empowers your special needs child with their Just-Right Level™ Assessments.

Whether your homeschooling special needs students have an official diagnoses or they are just students who are outside-the-box in their learning style, it is important to not just try to recreate school at home. And most struggling learners don’t do well with a pre-packaged curriculum that comes in a box targeting their theoretical grade level. Most students, whether or not they have special needs, have a wide range of skill levels within themselves. That is why Wings to Soar Online Academy takes the approach to create a Path to Success™ Personalized Learning Plan for each student starting with our Just-Right Level™ Assessments. This allows them to start each student at their own Just-Right Level in each skill strand based on the results of the placement assessments.

It is critical to remember, no matter what curriculum you choose, that you are teaching a child, not a curriculum. Allow the curriculum to be your servant and guide, not your task master. Go as slow as they need, but as fast as they are ready moment-by-moment.

Wings to Soar Online Academy is an online school that specializes in working with dyslexics and other outside-the-box learners. They offer personalized education through online learning, partnering with parents in 26 US states and 4 foreign countries, serving more than 110 each year.

Their school is based on the innovative model of part-time study with a teacher and part-time work at home supervised by the parent. 

As you search for solutions to help your child, know that “perfect course” may just not be the solution for your child. Academic courses are tools, not solutions to learning challenges. Course content and structure should always be your servant and your guide, not your taskmaster.  

That’s how Wings to Soar Online Academy sees curriculum and courses…meeting the child where they are at in their development.  The child’s needs guide them. They start with what’s working, and come alongside you to help with the things that aren’t.

What sets them apart from traditional schools, private schools, other online schools, and off-the-shelf programs, is that they

  • Investigate your child’s learning gaps
  • Compile a picture of your child’s strengths and challenges
  • Create a personalized learning plan to fill those gaps
  • Deliver high-interest content
  • Work with families closely, both parents and child, by coaching parents how to continue the skills we teach
  • Strategically move your child forward through specialized instruction, intervention, individual attention, and accountability.

The core of what Wings to Soar Online Academy does and where they shine is in offering personalized reading and language arts intervention packages to build skills and fill gaps in reading fluency and comprehension, spelling, grammar, mechanics, language, and vocabulary. They serve students in the K-12 age range, and they start wherever they are in each skill strand. In other words, regardless of where your child “should” be, they work with him where he actually is and what he needs.

Some of their students choose to go deeper with them in a well-rounded, in-depth, supported, guided Integrated Liberal Studies for both middle school and high school. This is far more than putting a history and English class together that happen to share some curriculum. These courses give wide exposure to a range of subjects, providing overarching themes that help students see the relationships between social studies, the arts, literature, and science. Their teachers use history as the center to build the skills around, and how they take their students through the learning process is their difference. It’s not about the content and the subject lessons. It’s about creating stronger, more confident learners by teaching the writing and learning process working with them in small groups and coaching them individually.

Additionally, families can add on science, math, cognitive skills intervention, and learning enrichment programs. What attracts people to their programs is that they can choose pieces of the curriculum that serve them best, as opposed to having to enroll full-time into a school if that isn’t the best fit.

When families work with them according to their recommendations, they typically see 1 ½  to 3-year skill gains within a single school year.

To learn more about Wings to Soar Online Academy and how they can help your family, they invite you to start with a free, customized Just-Right Level™ Assessment to find out where your student is right now in each of these skill-based areas: reading, spelling, vocabulary, language, writing, and math.

Based on the learning concerns you indicate on your Just-Right Level™ Assessment request form, their Intervention Specialist will set up a customized set of assessments for your child as a first step to creating a custom Path to SuccessLearning Plan to address their individual needs. You will also receive your answers and a FREE personalized Path to Success™ Guide with personalized recommendations in your email.

Request your free Just-Right Level™ Assessments today!


Wings to Soar Online Academy